about us

The Eye Gymnasium program is brought to you by Chris and Melinda, a father and daughter team.

They have combined their skills to develop this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive vision therapy program.

They believe that if things go wrong in your body, natural solutions should be the first approach. 

Chris created the Eye Gymnasium almost 20 years ago when he wanted to avoid wearing glasses. Chris conducted extensive research on many aspects of vision and the best solution for areas of weakness. Chris then designed the program which is a unique approach to eye exercises that is extremely comprehensive in rebuilding and training the eye muscles and brain.

The Eye Gymnasium is a problem solver! Now at 60+ years of age, through the use of his own program, Chris doesn't wear glasses!
The program has helped many people over those years. However, much has changed in that time, and The Eye Gymnasium needed to go to a new level - utilising the power of graphics and animation available today.

Melinda is a professional designer with a passion for helping people. She has spent 10 months turning Chris' original program into a digital, step-by-step, and video based program.

Rebuilt from the ground up, The Eye Gymnasium is now a smooth, simple to follow solution for anyone wanting better vision, or to rebuild deteriorating vision.